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Health & Safety Offer

Health & Safety Offer

Exclusive Health & Safety Offer

Donseed Ltd, in conjunction with Adanced Safety Management, their Health & Safety partners, have developped an exclusive Health & Safety proposition to RECI members which is outlined in the attached offer. It starts at €499 with members having the option of adding on additional services if they wish, which is a good option to have in the current climate, i.e. pay for what you need when you need it.

The benefits of the proposition are as follows:

  1. Health & Safety Start Up Pack for €499.
  2. One stop shop for all Health & Safety services.
  3. Only buy what you need.
  4. Share relevant Health & Safety online (in a secure environment) with selected individuals / organizations.
  5. Order key Health & Safety information online.
  6. Advanced Safety Management have 8 years construction industry experience (currently also providing a CIF sponsored training course to CIF members).

Donseed Ltd can be contacted at:

Tel: 066-7190314

Mail: info@donseed.com

Web: www.donseed.com